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     S01E17 - Das Unwetter (Let the Right One In)

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    Elena Gilbert
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    BeitragThema: S01E17 - Das Unwetter (Let the Right One In)   Di Mai 04, 2010 1:57 am

    Das Unwetter (Let The Right One In)

    Als Pearl und Anna in die Stadt fahren, sammelt Frederik die Vampire um sich. Sie lauern Stefan im Wald auf und überwältigen ihn. Dann bringen ihn in den Keller des Vampirhauses, um ihn zu foltern.

    Damon will Stefan retten, braucht dazu aber einen Menschen, da er nicht in das Haus hinein kann. Elena und Damon überreden Alaric, ihnen zu helfen ... Indes wird durch ein starkes Unwetter die Leiche von Vicki freigespült - Jeremy ist am Boden zerstört ...

    STEFAN IS FORCED TO MAKE A FRIGHTENING DECISION – When Stefan and Damon make a dangerous new enemy, Stefan suddenly finds himself in a perilous situation. Damon and Elena try to convince Alaric to work with them to help Stefan. Matt is hopeful that his mom, Kelly, may be back to stay. After her car breaks down in a storm, Caroline makes a horrific discovery that shocks everyone in town.


    Anna: "I love storms."
    Jeremy: "Is that a vampire thing? 'cause I read vampires don't like running water."
    Anna: "It's only Dracula. He was a complete wus. Never showered,.. very smelly."
    Jeremy: "Seriously?"
    Anna: "First rule about vampires. Don't believe anything you read."

    Anna: "I'm not gonna turn someone who learned everything he knows about vampires from Netflix."

    Pearl (to Frederick): "We cannot live our lives about revenge."

    Frederick: "We should kill every last one of them."
    Pearl: "We are smarter than that, Frederick. These people are not our enemies. We don't hold grudges and resentments. We'll get our town back. We just have to have patience."
    Frederick: "You heard her.... No revenge.... Patience.... Self control. She seems to have it all figured out, doesn't she?"

    Damon: "I say we go to Pearl's and bust down the door and anihilate the idiot that attacked us last night."
    Stefan: " And then what? We turn to the rest of the house of vampires and say, 'oops, sorry."
    Elena: "I can't believe you made a deal with her?"
    Damon: "It was more like a helpful exchange of information. It's not like I had a choice. She's....... scary... Besides, she's gonna help me get Katherine back."
    Elena: "Of course she is. Damon gets what he wants, as usual, no matter who he hurts in the process."
    Damon: "Well,.. You don't have to be snarky about it."
    Elena: "I woke up this morning to learn that all the vampires have been released from the tomb. I've earned snarky."
    Damon: "Ah... How long are you going to blame me for turning your birth mother in to a vampire?"
    Elena: "I'm not blaming you, Damon. I've accepted the fact that you're a self serving psychopath with no redeeming qualities."
    Damon: "Ouch.
    Stefan: "This isn't being very productive. We're gonna figure out a way to deal with Pearl and the vampires, yeah?"
    Elena: "I'm sorry. He just makes me so cranky."
    Stefan: "I know... He makes everybody cranky."
    Elena: "So,.. What are we gonna do?"
    Stefan: "Damon and I are gonna handle everything. I promise."
    Elena: "Well,.. What about me. I can't just sit here and do nothing."
    Stefan: "That's exactly what you're gonna do because that's what's gonna keep you safe."
    Elena: "Which means nothing if you're not safe too."
    Stefan: "What do you mean? I'm perfectly safe. I have Damon, the self serving psychopath on my side."
    Elena: "That's comforting."

    Jeremy: "Does your mom know you're a....?"
    Anna: "The fact that you would even think it's possible to keep something like that, a secret from your own family is just further proof that you're not ready."
    Jeremy: "Not ready' is a step up from 'no."
    Anna: "And a million steps down from 'maybe."

    Matt: "I yelled at my mom last night. You know, I feel like the parent with the screwed up kid."
    Caroline: "Well, maybe she needed to hear it."
    Matt: "Yeah, but I worry that if I push too hard then she'll take off again 'cuz that's her M.O. Just like Vicki, who I haven't heard from since she left."
    Caroline: "Well, you can't control your mom Matt, any more than you can control your sister."
    Matt: "I wish that she would just try, a little, you know. If she would just try to try, that would be okay."
    Caroline: "Maybe she'll surprise you. People have a tendeny to do that. I should go, before the roads get even worse from the storm."
    Matt: "Are you sure that you should be driving right now?"
    Caroline: "I have to it's my dad's boyfriend's daughters's birthday we have a nontraditional traditional ritual."
    Matt: "Well, buckle up."

    Damon: "Hunting party?"
    Stefan: "That guy did a number on me last night when he stabbed me Ive got to get my strength back up"
    Damon: "I have two litres of soccer mom in the fridge.. no?"
    Stefan: "We'll talk when I get back."
    Damon: "Alright.... Give my regards to the squirrels."

    Damon: "You're ignoring me."
    Elena: "The six missed calls? Sorry. My phone's dead."
    Damon: "Is Stefan here?"
    Elena: "No. Why? Is something wrong?"
    Damon: "He went out in to the woods and didn't come back. I can't get him on his phone. I figured he was here with you."
    Elena: "It's going straight to voicemail. Where could he be?"
    Damon: "You're not gonna like what I'm thinking."

    Damon: "Pearl. Open this door or I swear I'll bust through and rip your head off."
    Frederick: "Pearl's not home. mmm... Beautiful weather. Not a ray of sun in the sky."
    Damon: "Where's my brother?"
    Frederick: "Billy"
    Damon: "You are dead.... Frederick: I'm sorry you haven't been invited in. Miss Gibbons."
    Miss Gibbons: "Yes,.. Frederick, honey."
    Frederick: "Never let this bad man in."
    Miss Gibbons: "I'll never let him in."
    Frederick: "One hundred forty five years left starving in a tomb, thanks to Katherine's infatuation with you and your brother. First few weeks every single nerve in your body screams with fire. Kinda pain that can drive a person mad. Well, I thought your brother might want to get a taste of that before I killed him. Billy. You have a nice day."

    Damon: "Well,.. Don't you look alive?"
    Alaric: "You can't hurt me."
    Damon: "Oh,.. I can hurt you, alright."
    Elena: "Mr Saltzman,.. We need your help. Stefan's in the house. Damon's a vampire. He can't get in. We need you. I would go but..."
    Damon: "But your life is valuable. Your's, on the other hand, is..."
    Elena: "Stefan told me about your ring."
    Alaric: "What about it?"
    Damon: " Let me re-cap. You tried to kill me. I defended myself. You died and, according to my brother, your ring brought you back to life. Am I leaving anything out?"
    Alaric: "Yeah,... The part where I try and kill you again, only this time I don't miss."
    Elena: "Mr Saltzman,.. Please. It's Stefan."
    Alaric: "I'm sorry, Elena. It's not my problem."
    Damon: "That's a shame, 'cause the woman in charge of the crowd can help you find your wife."
    Alaric: "You're lying."
    Damon: "Am I? Why don't you ask her for yourself? Coward. Come on, Elena."
    Alaric: "Alright. Wait. I'll go."

    Jeremy: "I wake up everyday and I feel okay. But there's something missing, like a hole. Some people, they fit in life or whatever. I don't."
    Anna: "So you want a pity turn? I don't think so."
    Jeremy: "You should turn me 'cause I don't have anything else."
    Anna: "Do you even know why we turn other people? It's not just to give someone a one way ticket out of lonerhood, okay? One, we need someone to do our dirty work. Two, revenge. Three, boredom but you know that never turns out well. And then, you know, there's the obvious one, you love someone so much that you would do anything to spend all of eternity with him. I'm sorry but you don't fit any of those categories yet."

    Tyler: "Be more creepy dad. Not like your son is standing right here."
    Mayor Lockwood: "Grow up. Elections are coming. She's a constituent... and a rich one, from the looks of it."
    Tyler: "And you can tell all that by looking at her ass... Awesome. I'm gonna go shoot some pool."

    Damon: "Teacher by day,.. vampire hunter by night."
    Alaric: "I have you to thank for that."

    Elena: "Damon,.. Now's not the time to be the Lone Ranger."

    Damon (to Elena): "Oh... I understand he's the reason you live... His love lifts you up where you belong... I get it."
    Elena: "Can you just not joke around for 2 seconds."

    Damon: "Miss Gibbons,.. Now tell me the truth. Are you married?"
    Miss Gibbons: "No."
    Damon: "Parents? Children? Anyone else who lives on this property?"
    Miss Gibbons: "No,.. It's just me."
    Damon: "No? Good." (Damon snaps Miss Gibbon's neck)
    Alaric: "You were supposed to compel her."
    Damon: "It doesn't work that way."
    Alaric: "She's human."
    Damon: "And I'm not so I don't care. Now,.. Get out of here and get rid of the body."

    Pearl: "I'm in the process of obtaining some property. I understand that your family is the largest property owner in town."
    Mayor Lockwood: "Well, yes we are... dating all the way back to the town's original charter."
    Pearl: "Your family came in to a lot of new property in 1864."
    Mayor Lockwood: "You know your history."
    Pearl: "It's a passion of mine."
    Tyler: "The guy's not even subtle about it."
    Matt: "Who is that?"
    Tyler: "It's not my mother."

    Frederick: "Billy, Jacob, get back in here."

    Stefan: "Thank you, for trying to help me."
    Harper: "They just needed somebody to blame, someone to punish."
    Stefan: "Elena,.. You shouldn't be here."

    Damon (to Elena): " You rescue, I'll distract. Go."

    Damon: "How many of those vervain darts do you have left?"
    Alaric: "One."
    Damon: "Not gonna be enough."

    Alaric: "What you said to get me to do this, about my wife, was a lie, wasn't it?"
    Damon: "Yep."
    Pearl (from outside): "Stop. What's going on here?"
    Pearl (inside the house): "What did you do?"
    Damon: "Me? Your merry little band of vampires spent the day torturing my brother."
    Pearl: "Trust me. The parties responsible for this will be dealt with."
    Damon: "Our little arrangement doesn't work unless you learn to control them."
    Pearl: "This wasn't supposed to happen."
    Damon: "Well it did. If I had a good side,... not a way to get on it."

    Elena: "How are you doing?"
    Stefan: "Ah... I'm okay. The wounds have mostly healed."
    Elena: "Good."
    Stefan: "Elena."
    Elena: "Yeah."
    Stefan: "What you did today, coming to help me, you could have been killed."
    Elena: "I know."
    Stefan: "And what I did,.. I'm sorry... I'm sorry that you had to see it."
    Elena: "I've just never. You're like this other person. And it's my fault. I made you."
    Stefan: "What? No, no, no, no. You didn't make me do anything. You were saving my life. And I was saving yours. Everything's gonna be okay.

    Damon: "That was fun. Oh... Don't look at me like that. I know you hate me. Guess what? Everyone hates me. But you can't deny we were bad-ass."

    Quelle: http://wiki.vampire-diaries.net/1.16_Let_the_Right_One_In

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    S01E17 - Das Unwetter (Let the Right One In)
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