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 S01E20 - Blutsbrüder (Blood Brothers)

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Elena Gilbert
Elena Gilbert

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BeitragThema: S01E20 - Blutsbrüder (Blood Brothers)   Di Mai 04, 2010 2:04 am

Blutsbrüder (Blood Brothers)

Stefan sitzt im Keller in einer Zelle und weigert sich, das Tierblut zu trinken, das Damon ihm gebracht hat. Er sagt Elena, dass er sterben will, weil die Schuld zu schwer auf ihm lastet.

Im Jahre 1864 haben Stefan und Damon versucht, die gefangene Katherine zu befreien und wurden dabei erschossen. Doch Katherine hatte beide seit Wochen von ihrem Blut trinken lassen und sie erwachten wieder. Um sich vollständig in Vampire zu verwandeln, mussten sie jedoch Menschenblut trinken ...

Songs aus der Folge

- One Republic - "Marchin On"
- Little Boots - "Click"
- Robert Skoro - "In Line"
- Jamie McDonald - "I'll Be Thinking Of You"
- Aron Wright - "Song For The Waiting"
- We The Kings - "We'll Be A Dream"

ELENA LEARNS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED WHEN DAMON AND STEFAN WERE TURNED — While Stefan struggles to come to terms with his past, both he and Damon reveal parts of their history to Elena, until she finally learns the truth about how they became vampires. Pearl has an ugly confrontation with Johnathan Gilbert. Damon and Alaric try to find a mysterious invention before Johnathan does. The friendship and flirtation between Jeremy and Anna continues to grow.


Elena: "It's so hard to see him locked up, like this."
Damon: "You're the one who locked him up."
Elena: "You helped."
Damon: "I couldn't have him running around, chewing on people, while the town is looking for vampires, now could I?"
Elena: "It had nothing to do with you actually caring about him?"
Damon: "Your thing, not mine."

Flashback 1864
Emily (referring to Stefan's ring): "Katherine had me make that for you weeks ago."
Stefan: "Where am I?"
Emily: "The quarry, just north of town. My brother and I brought you here last night. We found you, dead, in the woods."
Stefan: "Where's Damon?...... Am I..."
Emily: "Not yet. You're in transition."
Stefan: "But how?"
Emily: "You had Katherine's blood in your system when you died."
Stefan: "No, I never..."
Emily: "She's been compelling you to drink it for weeks, Stefan."
Stefan: "Damon?"
Emily: "No compulsion was necesary. He drank from her willingly."

Damon: "I woke up last night. I didn't know where I was. I went to the church and I watched them drag her inside. Then they set fire to it, and the whole church went up in to flames. They killed her, Stefan. She's gone."

Damon: "So, you'll be here, again, tonight?"
Elena: "That a problem?"
Damon: "Yes. You're a complete nuisance."

Damon: "Give me the address."
Alaric: "What, so you can go without me? No, I don't think so."
Damon: "I'm not going with you. You tried to kill me."
Alaric: "Well, you did kill me."

Elena: "I'll be right over. How's Stefan?"
Damon: "Extra broody."

Damon: "He won't eat anything."
Elena: "He has to eat. What's his favorite kind of..."
Damon: "His favorite kind of what?"
Elena: "Type of animal blood, that he prefers,
Damon: "Eeew... Gross."
Elena: "Your joking doesn't help."
Damon: "Helps me. Now, hurry up. I can't babysit all night. I have things to do."
Elena: "I would say drop dead, but..."
Damon: "Ha ha... Stefan likes puppy blood. Little golden retriever puppies, cute floppy ears. That's his favorite."

John: "What do you think your mother would say if she knew you were dating a vampire?"
Elena: "Which mother?"

Stefan: "Bet Johnathan Gilbert has told father, by now. Wonder how he took the news that we're dead."
Damon: "As if he cares. He betrayed us."
Stefan: "He thought he was protecting us, Damon. He thought he was protecting this town."
Damon: "The sun hurts my eyes."
Stefan: "That's part of it. The muscle aches,.. the sick feeling. Emily says it's our bodies pushing us to feed, to complete the transition."
Damon: "That's not gonna happen."
Stefan: "Is that your choice, then? To die, instead?"
Damon: "Isn't it yours? This was all to be with Katherine. She's gone. I want it over."

Stefan: "I'm sorry, Elena. No more. After what I've done, it has to end. I just want it over."

Damon: "You should stay up here. You shouldn't be down there, by yourself"
Elena: "I'll be fine."
Damon: "You're very trusting of him, given the circumstances."
Elena: "So are you. Otherwise, you wouldn't be leaving."
Damon: "I won't be long."

Anna: "Your Uncle John wants us dead."
Jeremy: "You dont know that."
Anna: "Yes, I do. He's a hater, Jeremy."
Jeremy: "Well, I'm not."
Anna: "No. Your'e something else, entirely."
Jeremy: "Yeah,.. What would that be?"
Anna: "My weakness."

Damon: "This is where it gets tricky. I may not be able to get in."
Alaric: "How does that work? You always have to be invited in?"
Damon: "By the owner, or person of entitlement. Short term rentals and hotels are a bit of a gray area. You kinda gotta play it by ear."
Alaric: "Could we not kill anyone, tonight, please?"
Damon: "You just brought me along for my company?"

Flashback 1864
Johnathan Gilbert: "I want to make sure the Founder's archives are accurate."
Giuseppe Salvatore: "Be sure you document the loss of civilian life, in the church."
Johnathan: "They were hardly civilian, Mr. Salvatore."
Giuseppe: "As far as anyone needs to know, they were. As the record keeper for the council, what you write will be passed down through generations. Certain details should be kept only between you and me."
Johnathan: "For example?"
Giuseppe: "My sons... They will be remembered as the innocent victims of the Battle of Willow Creek. Not for their shame."
Johnathan: "Certainly, Mr. Salvatore."

Damon: "Let's not kill anyone, tonight. Your words. Just pointing that out."

Pearl (to John Gilbert): "I gave your device to Damon. Why don't you ask him for it, yourself. I'm sure he'd be delighted to give it to you. And then, Mr. Gilbert, may you rot in hell!"

Flashback 1864
Stefan: "Even in our death, you only feel shame."
Giuseppe: "You're one of them, now."
Stefan: "No, Father, I came to say goodbye."
Giuseppe: "I watched you die."
Stefan: "You were there when we were shot?"
Giuseppe: "Pulled the trigger, myself."
Stefan: "You killed your own sons?"
Giuseppe: "You were both dead, to me, the moment you sided with the vampires. I only thank God, your mother isn't alive to see the disgrace you've..."
Stefan: "I haven't turned yet. I don't want to. I'm going to let myself die, Father."

Alaric: "I've gotta stop this. I can't keep searching for her."
Damon: "Really? After only two years? That's actually moderately healthy."
Alaric: "What are you goin' on hundred and forty six?"
Damon: "I figured the two hundred mark is probably a good stopping point."

Damon: "Let me ask you a question. In all this important soul searching and cleansing of the demons of Stefan's past. Did you ever manage to get the rest of the story?"
Stefan: "He said there was more."
Damon: "Yeah,.. That's an understatement."

Stefan: "Damon. I've been to see Father. He came at me. I didn't know my own strength. There was blood, everywhere. He was dying, and the blood was too strong. I needed it. I had to have it."
Damon: "You fed."
Stefan: "Yes,.. and its incredible. My body is exploding with power, Damon."
Damon: "No."
Stefan: "I can hear things from far away. I can see through the darkness. I can move like it's magic, and the guilt, the pain, Damon, I can turn it off, like a switch. Katherine was right. It's a whole 'nother world out there, Damon."
Damon: "Katherine's dead, Stefan. There's no world, without her."
Stefan: "You can turn that off too! You don't have to feel that pain, anymore."
Damon: "I don't want it."

Damon: "The moment Stefan had his first taste of human blood. He was a different person. I suppose I should thank him. It's been a hell of a ride."

Stefan: "How do you feel?"
Damon: "You were right. It is a whole new world."
Stefan: "We can explore it, together."
Damon: "You got what you wanted. You and me, for all eternity. But hear this, brother. I will make it an eternity of misery, for you."

Flashback 1864
Emily: "You've transitioned."
Stefan: "You'd have rather found me dead."
Emily: "Katherine saved my life, once. I owed her. But that doesn't mean I'd wish her curse on anyone."
Stefan:: "Feels more like a gift."
Emily: "That will change."
Stefan: "Why is that?"
Emily: "Because, even in death, your heart is pure, Stefan. I sense that about you. That will be your curse."

Elena: "Stefan,.. Damon told me the rest of the story. I thought I might find you here."
Stefan: "I should have died that night, just like I had chosen. I should have let Damon die, too."
Elena: "But you didn't. And if you die, now, it's not gonna change what happened."
Stefan: "Every single person that's been hurt, every single life that's been lost, is because of me."
Elena: "The night that my parents died, I blew off family night, so that I could go to some party. I ended up getting stranded, and they had to come pick me up. That's why we ended up in the car at Wickery Bridge, and thats why they died. Our actions are what sets things in motion, but we have to live with that."
Stefan: "I made a choice, Elena, and because of that choice, a lot of people were hurt."
Elena: "You also made a choice to stop, to reject the person the blood made you. You made a choice to be good, Stefan."
Stefan: "No, please,.. please don't do that."
Elena: "That's the person who jumped in the water, to save the family, whose car had driven off the bridge."
Stefan: "Please don't make this all okay."
Elena: "That's the person who saved my life."
Stefan: "You don't understand, Elena."
Elena: "Then tell me."
Stefan: "It hurts me. It hurts me, knowing what I've done. And that pain, that pain is with me all the time. And everyday I think that if I just,.. if I just give myself over to the blood, I can make that pain stop. It would be that easy. And every day I fight that, and I am so terrified that, one day, I'm not gonna want to fight that anymore, Elena. The next time I hurt somebody, it could be you."
Elena: "There will be no next time."
Stefan: "You don't know that."
Elena: "Maybe I don't, but what I do know, is that you could take this, throw it in the quarry, and let the sun rise, or you could take this ring, and put it on, keep fighting. It's your choice."

Stefan: "Thank you."
Damon: "No, Stefan. Thank you. You're back on Bambi blood, and I'm the big badass brother again. All's right in the world."
Stefan: "No, I mean it. Thank you, for helping her take care of me."
Damon: "You brood too much. Everything on this planet's not your fault. My actions, what I do, it's not your fault. I own them. They belong to me. You're not allowed to feel my guilt."
Stefan: "You feel guilt?"
Damon: "If I wanted to,.. its there....... You know, Emily waited until after I'd turned to tell me that she'd been successful at protecting Katherine with her spell. She didn't want me know to about the tomb cause that would impact my decision."
Stefan: "She didn't want either one of us to turn. She said it was a curse."
Damon: "Witches,.. judgey little things."
Stefan: "Why didn't you tell me."
Damon: "Cause I didn't want you to know, cuz I hated you, and I still do."
Stefan: "I know."
Damon: "Not because you forced me to turn."
Stefan: "Then why?"
Damon: "Because she turned you. It was just supposed to be me, Stefan. Just me."

Quelle: http://wiki.vampire-diaries.net/1.19_Blood_Brothers

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S01E20 - Blutsbrüder (Blood Brothers)
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